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Our organization relies on the support of our volunteers, who have been an essential part of our team for years. This program organizes and trains bilingual and bicultural Spanish speakers and allies from the community who are committed to taking action that supports the LIVE Center's mission. Our training program consists of three levels, and as each volunteer progresses through each level of training, they are able to perform more tasks. Monolingual Spanish and English speakers are also welcome. Depending on the level of training they receive, our volunteers are able to participate as:

Volunteer Administrative Support Specialist 

(Level 1)

Responsibilities: General office duties including filing, answering phones, making copies, sending faxes, stuffing envelopes, stamping brochures, processing donations and other duties as assigned. 


Volunteer Community Outreach Specialist 

(Level 2)

Responsibilities:  Attend community events in order to raise awareness about The LIVE Center and the services we offer. This position requires someone with an outgoing personality who is capable of interacting with all types of people. 

Volunteer Helpline/Hotline Advocate

(Level 3)

Responsibilities: Crisis intervention by telephone, which may result in and includes companion services for people who have experienced sexual or domestic violence (and their families) to hospitals, police stations, and other service providers. Crisis Hotline Specialists offer emotional support and information to survivors (and their families/friends) when in crisis.


Volunteer Client Services Coordinator 

(Level 3)

Responsibilities: Co-facilitate support groups for Spanish speaking victims of crimes in order to help participants process their experience, learn and put into practice healthy coping strategies, deal with short- and long-term effects of the violence, identify a support system, and identify and access community resources. Guide participants in group discussions and hands-on activities. 


Volunteer Accompaniment Specialist 

(Level 3) 

Responsibilities: Provide court accompaniment for clients seeking protective orders or civil remedies related to violence.  

The levels indicated above reflect the number of hours of training required: Level 1 requires 2 hours of training; Level 2 requires 20 hours of training and Level 3 requires 40 hours of training. Hours are cumulative. The trainings are free and take place periodically.

A six-month commitment is required if you are interested in working directly with victims of violence (Level 3).


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