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In order to adhere to our value of organizational excellence, Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center is committed to recruiting and working with a diverse group of community leaders who have diverse abilities. Listed below is a set of duties, skills, and commitments expected of those interested ​​in joining our Board of Directors and Committees:


Purpose of the charge:


Along with other Board members, this position is legally responsible for all agency activities.

Board members are responsible for:

  • Determine the main policies of the agency.

  • Approve the annual budget and monitor/approve corporate finances.

  • Employ/supervise agency CEO.

  • Provide direction and leadership to achieve the agency's philosophy, mission, and strategic plan.


Individual commitments of Board members:


  • Prepare to attend and participate in at least 3 of the 4 quarterly meetings of the Board of Directors

  • Participate in at least one committee.

  • Ensure the legal integrity and  ethics of the company.

  • Use your skills in a way that advances the mission of Latinos at Virginia Empowerment Center

  • Refrain from any action that could lead to a “conflict of interest”

  • Make a significant contribution according  to your capacity.

  • Actively participate in fundraising and other agency activities.

  • Enhance the public reputation of the organization by promoting our work within their circles of influence

  • Strengthen the future leadership and governance of the Board by presenting strong candidates for open positions on the Board of Directors

Required skills:

  • Speak Spanish and  have experience working with the Hispanic/Latino community in Virginia

  • Ability to overcome personal bias / prejudice, for the common good and the needs of the organization as a whole.

  • Competence to judge an idea on its own merit.

  • Ability to respectfully express frank and honest opinions.

  • Ability to work in coordination with other volunteers and share with team members (staff) of the Center de  Empowerment of Latinos in Virginia

  • Ability to voluntarily perform important and demanding tasks.

  • Ability to look at the present and the future and have vision and perspective.

If you are interested in joining the Board, should a position become available,

contact us a

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