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Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center is supported by a group of individuals who play different roles within the organization. Each person brings relevant experiences of not only working with victims of crimes but also having the experience of being a part of and/or working with the Latino/Hispanic community in Virginia. All members of the organization represent the population we serve.


The composition of this group, in 2018, was:

80% Hispanic/Latino

71% Bilingual English/Spanish

29% Monolingual Spanish

21% Experienced violence

54% Immigrants

46% 2nd generation of immigrants


All of the LIVE Center’s activities are conducted by members of our community who desire to make an impact and empower the Latino/Hispanic community to become healthy, happy, and self-sufficient. Since day one, we have gained the trust of the community, and we are identified as a SAFE-SPACE for the Latino/Hispanic community in Virginia.

Our highly trained bilingual and bicultural advocates and volunteers accompany individuals and their families throughout their journey, following their lead, and supporting their goals and choices. We meet individuals where they feel most comfortable; we go at their pace; and we help them identify what they want, what they need, and how to get there. By looking at individuals and their entire situation, we can identify and build on existing informal support systems and create stronger networks.

We invite you to get involved and be a part of this wonderful and impactful organization.


The Board of Directors

Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center

Board Members

  • ​María Isabel Alegría - Victim Advocate

  • Christopher Bernhardt - Lawyer

  • Inez Costa-Clubb - Realtor

  • Jenny Lescano - Risk Analyst

  • Patricia Michelsen-King - Federal Certified Interpreter

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