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Many Latino Advocates work in organizations where there is only one person who speaks Spanish helping our community. This can cause them to feel isolated or feel like they do no have other colleagues who are their peers to share and process their experiences. Virginia has a shortage of Spanish-speaking advocates who truly understand Latino culture. That is why it is necessary that we get to know each other and come together, in order to create a better response of help and services in Spanish for people in our community affected by domestic or sexual violence.

Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center has created the group "Latino Advocates VA". We invite service providers for victims of violence who speak Spanish in Virginia to participate in this initiative. In this group, we can share tools, resources, curricula, and information in Spanish, so that we can collaborate and provide support, as Latinos, to each other.

If you are a Spanish-speaking advocate interested in joining this group, please send an email to

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