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  • Advocacy Services (Greater Richmond Area):
    This program provides victims of violence and their families with services that respond to their emotional, physical, and cultural needs in order to help them to become happy, healthy, and sufficient. These services include peer counseling, case management, personal advocacy and accompaniment services, emergency shelter, housing, and emergency financial assistance.


These services include:
Crisis intervention
Safety Planning
Peer counseling
case management, 
personal advocacy 
Accompaniment services,
Emergency shelter Placement
Emergency financial assistance

  • 24/7 Statewide Bilingual Hotline - La Línea de Ayuda: (888)-969-1825
    We operate Virginia's first and only 24/7, Statewide, Bilingual, Hotline for Spanish-speaking victims of violence. The Hotline is operated by bilingual and bicultural staff and volunteers trained as victim advocates to receive calls from individuals seeking safety, information, and support. Our confidential bilingual and bicultural hotline is the only one of its kind in Virginia because we can guarantee that our lines are always answered by a person that speaks Spanish. Victims that call our hotline work with our advocates to develop safety plans, access culturally relevant services and increase their social support networks. Our referral process is not just to provide phone numbers to victims to make their own calls; we also make the calls with the victims to ensure that they can break the language barrier and provide explanations on how the systems work if the caller is having a hard time understanding due to cultural differences.

  • Our Impact: 

    • Ensure that Spanish-speaking victims of violence seeking services in the Greater Richmond Area do not hear “I’m sorry, I don’t speak Spanish" or have to often wait days for someone that speaks Spanish to call them back.

    • Ensure victim EQUITY to LEP victims of violence by providing the services and support they need to achieve the same or comparable outcomes that English Proficiency victims can achieve.


Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center is Virginia’s first and only agency that provides culturally specific advocacy for Hispanic/Latino families affected by violence and injustice that can guarantee its services are always delivered by bilingual, and bicultural trained advocates. Our model empowers members of the Latino Community to be part of the solution that ends violence and creates healthy relationships with other communities to provide better services for Spanish-Speaking victims. All our services are free and confidential for victims and their families.

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