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This program builds on the natural strengths of Latinos and creates an opportunity for Spanish speakers to actively participate in creating change within the Latino community. This is a volunteer program that organizes and trains bilingual and bicultural Spanish speakers from the community who are committed to taking actions that support the LIVE Center’s mission. 

Our highly-trained volunteers are able to:

  • Support victims who call La Linea de Ayuda. 

  • Lead and implement community action projects that reflect important topics for Spanish-speaking victims and their families in the states of Virginia. 

  • Connect with and provide resources to victims.

  • Participate in outreach and education activities.

Our Impact: 

  • Reduce the deficit of bilingual and bicultural-trained victim advocates from the Latino/Hispanic community who can educate their own community and respond to disclosures of violence and injustice.

  • Eliminate the second victimization to a family member (often children) of the victim as a result of their involvement as an interpreter due to the lack of access to culturally appropriate and linguistic-specific services in the current system.

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Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center is Virginia’s first and only agency that provides culturally specific advocacy for Hispanic/Latino families affected by violence and injustice that can guarantee its services are always delivered by bilingual, and bicultural trained advocates. Our model empowers members of the Latino Community to be part of the solution that ends violence and creates healthy relationships with other communities to provide better services for Spanish-Speaking victims. All our services are free and confidential for victims and their families.

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