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The LIVE Center is committed to transforming the whole community by helping improve the way everyone addresses issues of violence in the Latino community. This is why, in addition to our advocacy and victim advocate program, we focus on community initiatives. These initiatives include participation in task forces and committees to bring the voice of the Latino community to those settings, creating multilingual spaces that promote the interactions and relationship-building among monolingual speakers, and providing training and technical assistance for other agencies and professionals in the community.

Our Impact: 

  • Bring communities together to ensure coordinated, accessible, affordable, linguistically specific, and culturally-appropriate responses to the needs of Spanish-speaking victims of violence.

  • Ensure that the Spanish-speaking community has access to educational materials and information that are created and designed for their needs, and are not literal translations of materials created in English.


Latinos in Virginia Empowerment Center is Virginia’s first and only agency that provides culturally specific advocacy for Hispanic/Latino families affected by violence and injustice that can guarantee its services are always delivered by bilingual, and bicultural trained advocates. Our model empowers members of the Latino Community to be part of the solution that ends violence and creates healthy relationships with other communities to provide better services for Spanish-Speaking victims. All our services are free and confidential for victims and their families.

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